Animals and Birds of Prey in Bridlington

Lions and Tigers and Bears... not quite but there is a lot to see.

I'm guessing if you have been drawn to the title of this post that you that you have an interest in animals? If so and you are ever on the East coast of the U.K (Bridlington to be precise) a visit to Bridlington Bird of Prey and Animal Park is a must.

The site of Bridlington Animal Park is shared with a shop, cafe and a caravan park. We found parking to be easy and the amenities good. Walking past the cafe you come across a couple of parrots announcing your arrival to the Animal Park. Inside you will find a very understated shop (which is quite good value) and entrance to the park, we paid a very reasonable £20 for the four of us.

Setting the tone of the whole day, in reception you will usually find some sort of baby animal being nurtured. We were greeted by a baby Owl and a very energetic baby Emu.

Initial concerns about the park being on the small side were soon over come when we were made aware of the whats on guide. With a feeding, handling or flying display going on every hour we were actually kept so busy we nearly didn't have time for our picnic lunch.

Things to keep you busy

We attended three flying displays, fed the wallabies and Emus as well as attending talks about Raccoons and Meerkats. We also witnessed the birth of a new Llama. It really was a terrific day, although I can't guarantee that the birth of a new animal will happen every time you visit.

The flying displays ranged from owls to falcons to the local gulls. All of which were both entertaining and very well loved and looked after. During each of the displays the handlers were able to show off their knowledge of the species they were flying, as well as showing off exactly what the birds could do themselves.

Further Adventures

I am aware that The animal park have lots of additional experiences on offer including photography sessions. Their animals and birds in particular are beautiful. I have not attended an experience but I feel that we managed to get some beautiful shots on a standard visit. I hope you enjoy having a look at these and my other pictures either below or at the gallery.

To see the pictures clearly please click on each photograph you will be directed to a site so you can enjoy them without the dot effect.


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2 thoughts on “Animals and Birds of Prey in Bridlington


    (September 22, 2018 - 9:43 pm)

    Wow! I know Bridlington really well, but have never been here! Great post.


      (September 27, 2018 - 11:47 am)

      You must go it really is a fab day out. They do photography days too which look fab though living so far away I’ve never attended one. There is also a keepers club which again I would definitely send my kids to if I lived closer!

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