Avocet on parade


I was so excited when I heard that there were Avocets on one of the lakes at the RSPB Old Moor as they are such an iconically beautiful bird. So we set off as a family to see if we would be lucky (and patient enough) to see this beautiful elegant bird. We started off in the Family hide, where we saw the usual suspects, the cormorants, geese, lapwings and a variety of gulls. The next hide surprised us all where we watched a Peregrine swooping and attacking the ducks on water, and finally we reached the hide where there were not many birds to see. We sat a little longer with only a couple of black headed gulls for company, until this beautiful, distinctively beaked Avocet came strutting out of the reeds on his long stilt like legs. The children were over joyed when I explained how the Avocet had neared extinction and that I had never seen one before. The Avocet was such a long way from us but still its shape was instantly recognizable. It was a murky day, the original photograph wasn't the best and initially I was disappointed until I remembered the cormorant picture, so I began playing about with it and hopefully people will enjoy the finished product as much as I do.

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