Christmas is coming…

Travel cup, Cormorant with green highlights

Buying gifts is impossible!

As you can tell from my heading, at times I find it hard to buy gifts for some people. Please tell me I am not alone and that other people struggle too. Everyone seems to have everything they need these days, buying what they want when they want. I still however want to buy something for people to make them feel special. Which is why I have been so pleased with the designs I have designed and purchased from Redbubble.

Cerise cormorant phone wallet
Blue Cormorant phonecase
Red Cormorant on tote bag
Open winged Cormotant on notebook

The Cormorant Range

Using the redbubble site I managed to create a whole range of unique gifts using my Cormorant design. I understand that not everyone is a bird loving nut like myself but I think that the clear images on the white background works really well and has been appreciated by many.

More waterfowl

With a name like Derbyshire Duckie I had to bring in some other designs featuring ducks as well as other water birds. So far I have sold a few travel mugs, cards and tote bags. Having bought tote bags as a gifts I can definitely recommend these ones for quality. The motif is printed on both sides of the bag to a high spec. Inside the bag is lined with black canvas which matches the long black handles enabling the bag to sit nicely on the shoulder.

tufted duck bag

Other types of bags & books

I particularly liked the thought of the drawstring bags for any bird watching fans too although they are a little pricey, (I haven't ordered one of these but I would expect the quality to be the same as the other bags.) Or maybe a notebook as a field guide as a gift for bird lovers or budding authors could make the perfect gift for that nature loving person you know.

Adding Colour

If you think the people in your life would prefer a gift with a bit more colour I also have a few more ideas... I love the picture of the chimp, which can be put on most products. My husbands favourite is the elephant. The lemurs are fun and very vibrant, and the giraffe is on fire! I would love you to let me know what you think either by leaving a comment or liking any product on my redbubble page.

I honestly could go on, and on... and I often do! So head over to to see if there is anything there that might help you out of a tight spot this Yuletide! Good Luck I know it has helped me out this last few weeks but just make sure you check postal times. The travel cups take a while to arrive so please make sure that you order in time!


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