Days out on a Staycation – Sudbury Hall, Museum of Childhood

Sudbury Hall, Museum of Childhood - National Trust

So much to do at Sudbury

We got to the car park for Sudbury Hall very easily as it is just off the A50. Knowing that the car park was a bit of a walk away we got there just before it opened at 10am, there was plenty of space at this time. However I am aware that it can get incredibly busy at peak times.

Although it is a walk from the car park and you have to cross a road, the walk itself is easy and pleasant. You get to take in the surroundings and see the hall and its grounds from various view points. The trees are spectacular, and can also be quite humorous for the immature among us. I just couldn't resist a photo of the bark on this tree!


After the comedy of the trees you come to an opening into the Stable Yard. A lovely open square off which all of the attractions can be found. The children immediately made a beeline for the Playground. A great space under the trees where the kids can let off steam, climb and generally monkey around for a while before heading inside to view the amazing array of exhibits to explore.

Once inside the children were able to play with toys from the Victorian period (skipping ropes and jacks) to very recent toys (power rangers) and everything from every era in between.


We spent some time playing with the Victorian tops, yoyo's and hoops as well as the quoits outside in the courtyard. Then we had a few climbs up and down the (very realistic) chimney, played in the Victorian kitchen, hopscotched and did our writing at the Victorian schoolhouse. The children found it all very engaging and enlightening.

There was also a brand new exhibit about the history of black dolls which was very informative, additional rooms with some amazing toys to reminisce with as well as a role play area, puppet show and some blocks, trains and a Noah's ark that the children were encouraged to play with. Complete with sofa for the adults to sit and nod off in... I mean pay total attention to what their children were playing with!


A short tour of the grounds

We exited the museum after a really wonderful time learning whilst playing, back out via the ice cream van for the children... and the hubby... just me that doesn't do ice cream then! I took up residence on one of the deck chairs in the sunshine whilst the children played with the oversized garden toys... and more trees of course! What more could you ask for?


We took a walk towards the gardens and lake at the back of the hall. I believe you can go into the hall too but my children were enjoying the outside space so much that we didn't have that opportunity. On the lake we saw a few geese and ducks as well as a buzzard riding the thermals above us. The gardens were beautiful, despite being a little parched. We walked through the church yard gate towards the quaint little church which was beautiful and headed back up to the car park (which was now very full) and had our lunch on the picnic benches with an after lunch game of football our fabulous day out came to an end.


There is also a walk around the village of Sudbury, which looks great. With lots of history and stunning architecture to see. Maybe we will return without the children to explore further.

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    (August 8, 2018 - 11:12 pm)

    This looks like a great place to visit for the whole family. I’d make a special trip just to check out the funny trees he he. The grounds look stunning, I’d love to walk around the lake and enjoy the scenery and wildlife. I always love exploring places in the U.K. so thank you for the recommendation. Will be adding Sudbury to my list of ideas and need to catch up on more of your posts. Thank you for sharing lovely 💖 xx

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