Project – Getting up and running

I put together a couple of images all with the theme of waterbirds and the simplified silhouette style that works so well with the light and dark of the birds in their natural environment.

Project – “Waterbirds”

There are so many more birds using the water ways in the U.K than the Mallard, though ducks are very common. If you look closer you will be amazed at the amount of different species there are. From the comically feathered Tufted Duck to the quirky skeleton footed Coot they are a delight to hear and see on any stretch of water. These birds really lend themselves to my designs, if the light is right in the original photograph I find I can manipulate the water to show the shape of the birds off in all their glory. (please be aware actual photos are clear and not spotted this is a measure put in place to keep my work safe)

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