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Calver Bridge

Framed Elephant print

What I do.

I look, I see, I point, I click!

Never going anywhere without my camera I enjoy taking photographs which I then bring home and make decisions about how best to show off the images I have captured. Sometimes they are best left alone… sometimes they need a little encouragement to bring out their beauty and personality, (hmmm, sounds a lot like parenting!) and sometimes they just need to be seen.

How it began.

Over the past four years I have been out and about with my camera. In the beginning I took shots of things I found appealing. Encouraged by what others saw in my work I began to develop these images further. Instead of keeping them to myself (and my computer) I developed a line of greetings cards to sell locally as well as entering photographic competitions with some success and my confidence in my work gradually increased.

I decided on the name ‘Derbyshireduckie’ as although I am a fraud (being originally from Merseyside!) I do actually reside in Derbyshire, and have my very own little Derbyshire Duckie in my daughter. ( I have a Warrington Wolf too but he’s another story!) so I am hoping I will be allowed some artistic license and be accepted by the truly wonderful Derbyshire people as one of their own.

Meet the Team

‘Meet the team’ is a bit strong seeing as it’s just lil’ old me sat here clicking and clacking away, but I am Suzanne Brindle an ex-teaching, 40~something mum of two and wife to a wonderful man. So far I have led a beautiful if somewhat relatively uneventful life! A few ups, a few downs along the way but most definitely happy with my lot!

Interested in my design ideas?

Head over to redbubble.com/people/derbyshireduck to have a look at my designs on their merchandise or feel free to contact me directly for a more bespoke service at derbyshireduckie@outlook.com

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