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Elephants on the move

I photographed this beautiful Asian Elephant Calf at Twycross Zoo Staffordshire. The elephants were able to roam safely around an enclosure in their all female family group. I am aware that a decision was made to move the all female group to Blackpool Zoo recently. It is hoped that the group will live with the resident bull elephant in Blackpool Zoo and with luck breed. This should go some way in helping to sustain the population of Asian elephants. Hopefully we will be able to go as a family and check out the herd in their new home soon. We have never been to Blackpool Zoo before but I will let you know what we think once we have been.

Twycross Zoo

My children love animals so I have been fortunate enough over that past few years to be taken along on their adventures. We have spent a lot of time at Twycross Zoo, especially as it has been included on the Leicester Stay, Play, Explore experience. This has provided some fabulous days out and fantastic photograph opportunities. Some of these photographs I have kept in their raw form. Others like the elephant print above have been altered using digital trickery to produce a different effect altogether.

It's not all about the Elephants

As well as the Elephants at Twycross the children adore the primates, the baboons, the bonobos, the chimps and the gorillas possibly because outside of the zoo the children's behaviour is quite similar!

The different species of birds found at Twycross has also been great for us; especially me as they are amongst my favourites. The walk-through aviaries where you can feed the Lorikeets or sit quietly whilst the colourful zebra finches chatter above your head, can be both entertaining and relaxing (as long as you aren't scared of birds of course). We would then take a cooling undercover walk along the wooden walkway to find the Scarlet Ibis and other exotic birds. It's a lovely educational feature teaching children about the ways of the rain-forest. All of this along with the interactive goat pen (butt! Don't stray from the path!) and the beautiful array of butterflies swooping through the air in the butterfly house, there really is something for everyone. However I'm not going to name all of the animals at the zoo on this blog, go see for yourself, have a wonderful day and let me know what you thought.

See the Gallery for more information on how and why I take the photographs that I do.


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