Jolabokaflod- The Norwegian Christmas Tradition of book giving update

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A quick update

Before Christmas I wrote a blog about  Jolabokaflod. I thought some of you might be interested to know how it went.

My Naughty Little Puppy - Holly Webb

As expected my daughter (8) absolutely flew through his book, loving the puppy antics. She found the characters relatable especially as she had read the other 6 books in this series.


A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle

Initially reluctant my son (13) has begun to get involved more with this book. He is enjoying the story so far, but he is not a natural reader so it takes some encouragement to get him to actually open a book. This tradition was therefore a brilliant one to start as he sat with the whole family to read.

Animal Farm - George Orwell

I chose this book for my husband as I had read and enjoyed it previously. He read it quite quickly and seemed to enjoy it. I am now pondering what to get him for our next Jolabokaflod!


An unexpected turn

One thing I hadn't anticipated was how well received the snowman wrapping would be. Not only this but every single one of my family simultaneously used the ribbons as bookmarks!

Wish I could say that that was my intention all along! I thought it was a great idea however and I will definitely do the same (or similar) again next year!

Me? Did I get a book?

Actually I didn't get a book! However I am always purchasing books for myself so don't feel too sad. The one that I chose to read was the second in a trilogy. (I know I'm weird like that!) It is called 'The Scent of Magic' by Cliff McNish. I know many of you will have read the whole trilogy (don't spoil it, I have since purchased the other two books!) so you know how cool these books are. I am beyond excited to start from the beginning with this trilogy and would love to see them turned into films at some point.

I hope you have enjoyed this catch up, I have added a link to Amazon - this is not affiliate link it is just there for reference.

I look forward to hearing your comments on this or my other blog posts and would love some new followers!

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