Little Egret at Leighton Moss


I took this picture of a Little Egret at the remote site at Leighton Moss RSPB, Lancashire whilst on holiday. He was wading around in the shallows, managing to catch his dinner. I particularly like this picture as I feel that it has an Oriental style about it, which appeals to me having spent some time in South East Asia in my youth. The light and shadow on the original photograph has enabled you to see enough of the bird to make out its form, and the shimmering reflection of his shadow adds a dimension of movement.

As a family we decided to become members of the RSPB after visiting Leighton Moss, we are now into our third year. Our closest site is Old Moor but we have spent time at Fairburn Ings, Coombes Valley, Bempton Cliffs and Conwy RSPB.

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