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Nelson's Monument- Derbyshire

Having previously been up to Birchen Edge, Derbyshire without my camera I was eager to get back there and take some photos. I can honestly say it was one of the most serene places that I have been to. After a quick scramble up the rocky pathway, you are rewarded with amazing views of the surrounding countryside. Walking along the edge is breathtaking and soon you see a monolithic monument come into view. This monument was erected in 1810 to commemorate Nelson and his life 5 years after his death and 30 years before the installation of the famous Nelson's column in London.


Three Ships of Derbyshire

Keeping Nelson company on this cliff top there are 3 large stones. Each stone has been engraved with a ships name.

Victory, Defiance and Royal Soverin.

I like the way that you can see all three of the ships lined up in a row, on the cliff so far away from the sea.


Moving on!

So I had achieved what I set out to achieve. I had taken photographs of nelson's monument and the three ships. We decided to carry on to complete the 5 mile circular walk. We headed down the rocky slope and into some quite boggy grassland. There were stones in place (thank you Eastern Moors partnership!) on the worst parts which was helpful. We then headed towards a rocky outcrop that we had seen from the road before. The landscape in this part of Derbyshire is incredibly diverse. The rock formations can be beautiful. The next minute you can be following a babbling brook,walking through a forest of ferns or stuck up to your behind in mud... but that is another story!


Lots to see

As well as the amazing gritstone rock formations, there is so much to discover on this walk. The spectacular views continued to amaze. The fabulous trees, fungi and birds kept us engaged for far too long so the walk did take use longer than it should have. I hope that you enjoy looking at some of these photographs and that it encourages you to go into the Derbyshire Peaks and see what is on offer. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Just take care!


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