Welcome to my first blog and Autoblogography from Derbyshireduckie

Here goes...

I've decided to finally bite the bullet (well actually I was kind of pushed seeing as my husband worked hard in secret to create my website as a gift- slightly worried as I never knew he was so sneaky!) and put my thoughts out there for all to see. Being an eternal worrier blogging is something I have been putting off for a few years now, I'm sure that everyone feels the same... what will I say, will my blog be read by anyone, what if I make grammar or spelling mistakes, what will people make of my thoughts? So please take my blog as it is meant, as fun, without malice and full of my own thoughts, ideas and opinions and enjoy reading about how I create my designs and where I find my inspiration.

I've hummed and hawed at lot about where to start this blog.

Welcome to my Autoblogography

Although I have always been interested in photography, I was unfortunately diagnosed with a joint and skin disease in my late teens which curtailed my physical ability to get out and about and be in a position where I could take interesting photographs. Skip forward nearly 20 years... and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to to take medication which has completely and utterly transformed my life.

For the past four years I have gone from strength to strength, and I can now walk, cycle and play with my kids... usually all with a camera in my hand. I have been to some amazing places, seen amazing sights I never thought I would get to see and shared so many experiences with my family.

Not all the photographs are the best but with a digital camera at least you can automatically see what works and what doesn't work, tweak a few things and voila, the picture works! However even those pictures that are not necessarily perfect have proven to be the best ones to create interesting pieces of design. The first picture I decided to transform was The Cormorant

The original photograph was alright, a little dark, not perfectly in focus, so I worked on my computer (again Yay to the digital age!) and found a way to silhouette the bird and the rock against a stark white background... I liked the effect and decided to try my hand with other photographs and designs and Derbyshireduckie was born. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my blog, looking at my photographs and find delight in my designs.

Other images can be found on this site at the gallery , my portfolio or on Redbubble Derbyshireduck

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1 thought on “Welcome to my first blog and Autoblogography from Derbyshireduckie


    (June 20, 2018 - 2:16 pm)

    Well done Suzanne your designs are really beautiful. Looking forward to owning some more of your fabulous art work. Xx

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